Coaching Packages  

At 9 Endurance Coaching we don't follow the "one size fits all" method that some companies adopt and therefore try to stay away from multi-week-in-advance programmes. With us you only have three choices and that is based around your needs, aspirations and targets.

Athlete numbers are limited to each coach so that you don't become just another person and get the quality of coaching, feedback and advice you deserve. If you are interested in any of our programmes or  have any additional questions about 9 Endurance Coaching services please feel free to contact us         

COACHING SERVICE                                     BRONZE                SILVER                  

Phone Contact With Coach                              Monthly                  Weekly                  

Email Contact With Coach                                Monthly                 Weekly                  

Totally personalised schedule*                         Yes                       Yes                        

Edits to your schedule as things arise              Monthly                 Weekly                 

Analysis of your workouts                                 Monthly                 Weekly                 

Feedback on your workouts                              Monthly                Weekly                 

Bolt on Session                                                 Extra                    Extra             

Cost                                                                   £90 per month     £130 per month               

9 Endurance Coaching also offers a unique bolt on option for athletes looking for additional coaching support or one-on-one coaching sessions in the following areas:

Run Technique Analysis

Cycle Power Testing

Transition Training

Open Water Swim Technique and Training Help

Swim pacing and stroke rate analysis

An hourly fee of £40 is applicable for all the above services.