9 Endurance

9 Endurance Community Program

In 2020 when the world was somewhat disrupted due to the Corona Virus we knew we had to adapt to continue to provide our athletes and friends a social platform to train, keep in touch, have fun and talk about food mainly.
Using Zwift and Discord we set up a world where this could happen and over 3 years on this is still going strong and developing in to much more than we intended. Our group sessions are on a Monday and a Wednesday night and is open to absolutely everyone of all standards. The beauty of Zwift is that no-one gets dropped. Workouts are loaded in through TrainingPeaks and if you have a smart trainer all you have to do is pedal. Instructions are given on screen and support and chat is through Discord - a voice channel popular among Zwift Racers. 
The workouts are based on your own personal FTP - so you will work as hard as everyone else, without working at their power. Monday Sessions are more VO2 Max sessions and Wednesday evenings tend to be more Sweet Spot efforts. 
The Cost of the 9 Endurance Community Program is £40 per month.
For that you get -
  • TrainingPeaks Basic Account
  • Access to our Facebook Community Page
  • 2 x group rides,
  • 1 x suggested weekend ride
  • 3 x suggested run sessions
  • Discount codes to our partners
If you like the idea of having some structred training, without the cost of our Coaching Packages and don't need as much support then maybe our Community Program is for you