Version 2.0

November 13, 2018
I will admit it - I have let this side of my life go a bit. 

I have built a training philosophy around consistency and progression and I have let the little insights into my world slip. 

I started triathlon as an average athlete - way before the days of social media. At the time I craved success and wrote about training sessions, race reports and was pretty open. Then I hit the wilderness period and decided to block everyone out. There were reasons for this - good reasons I thought. I guess I had got to a reasonable standard as an athlete and I didn't want to use that platform to detract from the athletes I coach who were getting amazing results themselves. I had built up this barrier as an athlete and I would do my best to divert the attention from myself to something else. I would only tell certain people which race I had lined up. Whether it was due to feeling uneasy about the "look at me" side of triathlon that seemed to be coming along or whether it was me trying to protect myself from a potential bad race I don't know. I am not a "social media influencer" - part of me wishes I could be and take amazing photos, come up with profound words and phrases that will inspire people to do greater things or even build a multi thousand follower empire. Alas it is not for me - I will stick to the odd picture of Oscar or amusing photo of me swimming or perhaps an important nostalgic or romantic image of mine I would like to share with those who care to see or even just a stereotypical picture of socks and coffee.

So what brings me back to this side of things. 

I would like to think I have mellowed out a bit in my old age. Even though writing this now I feel I am being a little too self important. It is my intention to do a few posts each week with a few topics in mind. I intend to document my journey to Kona next year and the training that is involved for that - I will try to keep it light and minimal of data analysis! I also would like to do a post about certain things that I see in triathlon. Over the years there are questions that I am regularly asked and crop up and I will give my take on them. 

I appreciate that a blog is a bit more of a one way street and conversations tend not to flow too well but perhaps any comments or questions will come through on the 9 Endurance Facebook page.



Oh The Places You'll Go - The Triathlete's Poem

June 13, 2017
Quite a few years ago, at some significant point in my life as a child, my mum gave me a Dr Seuss book called Oh The Places You'll Go. Being the kind of boy I was I probably said thank you and never actually read it in depth. But recently it has come back in to my mind - like the "One Ring" in the Lord of the Rings, I didn't know what the book was about but it's importance has become apparent.

As an athlete/coach I have been to great places, I have shared the best moments of people's lives (an...
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