Quite a few years ago, at some significant point in my life as a child, my mum gave me a Dr Seuss book called Oh The Places You'll Go. Being the kind of boy I was I probably said thank you and never actually read it in depth. But recently it has come back in to my mind - like the "One Ring" in the Lord of the Rings, I didn't know what the book was about but it's importance has become apparent.

As an athlete/coach I have been to great places, I have shared the best moments of people's lives (and mine) with some very special people. Whether it is guiding a blind athlete to a Silver Medal at an ITU event or supporting someone at the Norseman; from racing on front of tens of thousands at the London World Championships to winning my first "Baxter" in front of the closest people to me; from my first race running round an estate in Southampton (where my mum missed me cross the line) to my last race charging round the Lava fields of Hawaii - Triathlon has provided me with a platform to do and experience such amazing events and most of which have had me thinking "how the hell did I get here".

The last 9 months have gone quickly since Kona, I won't bore you with details but this weekend I am off to the Scilly Isles for another of those "How the hell did this come about" experiences - The Otillo SwimRun race around the islands. You have to swim in your running shoes and run in your wetsuit and goggles. It is a team event and Andy Blow from Precision Hydration approached me to see if I would do it with him. A quick phone call to Claire and I was in. Next thing I knew Andy and I are running up Bournemouth promenade in our wetsuits having just emerged from the sea at Hengistbury Head. Looking like two slightly dodgy versions of James Bond.

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